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San Ignacio Town
San Ignacio Town is located twenty miles west of Belmopan, (Belize’s capital city). San Ignacio has many restaurants, internet cafes, shops, businesses and serves as the hub for booking tours to many archeological sites of interests in the geographical area.

Cahal Pech
The ruins of Cahal Pech (place of the ticks) is just a short walk form the center of town. Cahal Pech was a pre-classical city, it was of great importance between the periods of 900 BC to 800 AD. It was perhaps the capital (mayan) city of the region. The site consists of several ancient structures, courtyards, temples and ball courts. Cahal Pech occupies three acres in area. A small museum displays Mayan artifacts pertaining to the classical period.
Butterfly Farm
A butterfly farm is also located in the village of San Jose Succotz, which is seven miles form Inglewood Camping Grounds.

If traveling into Guatemala is on your itinerary, stay with us overnight to rest and refresh. The Border is ten miles from Inglewood Camping Grounds.

The ruins of Xunantunich is located across the Mopan River, near the village of San Jose Succotz. Xunantunich is also a Mayan site of enormous significance. It sits on a hilltop overlooking the Mopan River. During the classical period, a ceremonial center (150 AD – 900 AD) flourished there. The kings of Xunantunich erected beautiful stele inscribed with dates, but did not leave a complete history of their reign.
Xunantunich is approximately seven miles from Inglewood Camping Grounds, and is easily accessible through the Western Highway.

El Pilar
The ruins of El Pilar is six miles northwest of the village of Bullet Tree Falls and nine miles from San Ignacio Town. El Pilar was occupied for fifteen centuries from about 500 BC to 1000 AD. Unlike the other Mayan ruins, El Pilar has been partially excavated.

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